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Challenging Solutions
With my significant hospitality professional experience, I can assist you by resolving your challenges through finding solutions, turning your worries into confidence.

Property Soft Renovation / Face Lift
With my creativity, originality and innovation we can work together by converting your current property into a brand new updated one as well by proposing, suggesting potential solutions to make it successful and fitting within your budget.

Re-adjusting your product to the market
If your hospitality product needs a bigger customer exposure, I will be able to assist and coach you by adjusting your current direction and with the adjustments generating unique selling points with signature products that will make your brand successful and different from your competitors.

From my extensive professional experiences, I can be your point of contact, representative between parties, by assisting and ensuring that the management company always keeps your interests in their mind as well as a priority.

Standard Operating Procedures & Policies
I do create personalised standard operating procedures and Policies matching with your property to ensure that they are professionals, easier to understand by any of your Team.

FF&E and OS&E Planning, Specifications and Procurement
I do know what is required to run your hotel successfully and by assisting you to purchase the right and adequate equipment through my professional experiences and knowledge to source those items within your budget.

Marketing, Sales and Public Relations
I create, design integrated marketing campaigns ranging from social medias to press releases and sales guidance with a proper action and plan.

Market & Competitors Analysis

I study your  product with  market as well your competitors in order to identify and developing your strengths and reducing challenges so that I can recommend where you should position yourself to become a stronger and valuable product to your competition.

Survey Auditing
Maintaining quality and high standards are essentials in our industry and guest surveys mostly satisfaction. I can assist you and your team to organise an audit and implement policies to make sure that standards remain stable in any operational service of your property.

Daily Operations Assistance
If there is an operational issue that needs to be adjusted, I can help to  resolve it. I work closely with you to identify challenges, fix them and assist you and your team to follow the right direction.

Digital & Connectivity

I can assist you and your property to be more active, visible and present on the local and international digital as well connectivity markets by optimising your social medias including reviews, blogs and promotions.

Brand Style Guidelines
comprehensive brand guidelines for clients so when any new content is created, from visuals to writing or interior design elements, the style remains consistent throughout.

Logos, Icons & Websites
I can assist with my professional connections which are young, innovative and always willing to do the extra mile to create the best logos, icons and websites for you.

Photos & Videos Shooting
As an essential part of marketing, I can arrange a vast range of photography content, from interiors to exteriors, from simple mobile phone shots for social medias to a more sophisticated session including drone, videography and short movies to boost your property.

Innovation & Creativity
We can tailor bespoke events from corporate gatherings and product launches to weddings and parties. Our creative team has considerable experience with modest and large-scale events and we can also help clients brainstorm and come up with the most suitable event to achieve their goals. 

Property Advertisement
If you do have a property to sell, I can assist you by publishing it online and distribute relevant information to my own network.

Broker Assistance
I can help you to ensure that deal go through smoothly as I do have my own network of potential investors in the hospitality and hotel industry.