+ (Chris J. Vassal) chris@thckl.com

French born national, Chris is graduated from “Ecole Hoteliere” of Lausanne in Switzerland as well from “International Concierge Institute” in Paris, France; school dedicated to the prestigious “Golden Keys” professionals working in the finest and top luxury hotels as well palaces all around the World.

Chris is a skilled hotelier, hospitality entrepreneur as well an owner.

With a solid, strong knowledge in Operations, in Rooms Division which includes all departments of Guest Services, Housekeeping, Laundry, Engineering and Security; Chris has also a vast knowledge about Food & Beverages and with Sales & Marketing, Revenue Management – Reservations, Finances as well as Human Resources and Trainings.

A Connoisseur, an expert with an international and deluxe experiences in hotels and resorts for more than 2 decades.

A significant, extensive worldwide professional backgrounds in France (Paris, Riviera), United States of America (East and West coast), Caribbean, French Polynesia (Bora Bora island), Australia (Sydney), Arabic Gulf (Bahrain, United Arab Emirates: Dubai), Middle East (Beirut, Lebanon), Asia (China, Japan and Korea) and South-East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia) and  in the Maldives gave to Chris the abilities  to be open mind, flexible, fit to work  and to live with, for and in a multicultural environment.

By participating and being the leader of pre-openings, re-furbishment, renovation, re-brandings of urban properties and resorts brings to Chris an additional valuable advantage.

All these abroad opportunities are the Chris’s strengths, values, and to become today a Connoisseur in Hospitality and Hotel Industry.

Chris’s cores values are established by a strong believing in individuals, development of people, team working, human feelings, sentiments, cares, distinctions, personalization, originality, creativity, team, innovation by stylish signature items and services as well successful achievements in our daily current everyday lifestyles, all by excellence.

As an ambassador of this industry, Chris trusts in a passion that built on with constant people encounters, different from the each other’s, having their own stories, dreams, desires and expectations.

Our World and lives of today are having the tendency to make us all the same, uniform and wearing the same plain suit.

Hospitality converses, made on vibrant, bright and authentic differences which make us as an individual and as a truly, vibrant group, community.

We all trusting, seeking for special moments, wow effects lasting only minutes, same moments which makes all of us emotional, touching and poignant.

Even if our World is more and more digital, focused on medias and networks, there are always a distinction between places we stay, contrasts between the people we meet, simply because of each are unique.

With your support and my expertise, let’s us work together to embark on greater and successful journey.